Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unsilent Generation: Progressive Politics and Aging

BBN found this web site via Generations Beat Online, an e-newsletter for writers covering aging and retirement. Unsilent Generations offers "information and commentary on the politics of aging for pissed-off progressive old folks (and future old folks). . . because we're not dead yet."

James Ridgeway, a long time, kick-ass investigative reporter, started this site about a year ago. His focus  is "the politics of aging," but he covers much more. I've only taken a quick look, but as a Ridgeway fan, I can already tell he's got a new take on aging. And, he dares to use the G word -- geezer.

Unsilent Generation is a site for people who don’t believe that getting old means getting dumb, getting conservative, getting complacent, or getting used to spending your days driving a golf cart to early bird dinner specials. It’s a site for people who know that old age doesn’t have to be a slow shuffle toward the grave, but it also isn’t always the glorious adventure that’s depicted in “senior” lifestyle magazines or commercials for retirement investments.

Founded in 2008 by James Ridgeway in response to a gap in both the mainstream and alternative media, Unsilent Generation features information and commentary on a variety of timely issues and subjects, from a no-nonsense, progressive point of view. Some of these are issues that we geezers might care about because they especially affect our lives. Some are issues we might care about because we’ve just lived too long to take any more bullshit.

Check it out.

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