Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free This Saturday: The Boston Book Festival

So, the National Day of Writing blew by and I missed it. My two writing classes have taken over my life. In Boston, it seemed confined to college campuses. But, the Boston Book Festival is this weekend and worth checking out. Lots of writer who won't have to drive too far.

Among those speaking: fiction writers Tom Perrotta, Anita Shreve and Richard Russo, truthy writer Ben Mezrich and documentarian Ken Burns. Seems heavy on fiction, light on literary journalism.

One note.  I would appreciate it if they would spare us session titles like "The sexiest vegetarian alive."
No cut on actress and writer Alicia Silverstone, better known for her role in the 1995 movie "Clueless." But, as I tell my students, never describe anything as the first.. .biggest…last…only thing of its kind unless you are absolutely sure. Otherwise, you'll get that call the next day from the actual first.. .biggest…last…only thing of its kind. And, never use it from something as subjective as sexiness, unless preceded by X thinks she is….. If you've typed the wrong word into your search engine lately, you've learned that everyone has their own definition of sexy. And, sometimes it involves diapers.

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