Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Greatest Virginity Story Ever Told

A fun story about sex and the disabled. I know that may sound like something kinky or abusive, but the story is more sweet than salty. A bit from Details by my old pal and author of Gen X Saves the World, Jeff Gordinier.

When guys go to Vegas, there's usually only one thing on their minds. Otto Baxter is no different—except for the fact that he has Down syndrome

Two young men are traveling through the American Southwest.Their journey is a classic one. They will begin, on this squint-bright April morning, along the southern rim of the Grand Canyon, and as the day unfolds and the clouds scud overhead they will pass through panoramic landscapes that look like stills from old cowboy movies. They'll float past the saloons of Route 66, and they'll ease along the spiral of asphalt that crosses the colossus of the Hoover Dam, and then, at dusk, just as the towers on the horizon are starting to shine in the desert blackness, they'll roll into Las Vegas.

As with many an odyssey that leads to Clark County, Nevada, the purpose of this journey is also a classic one. The purpose is to score.

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