Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reinventing writing careers and lots of good Sept. readings

John Temple, late of the late Rocky Mountain News dares to say:

At this time of great disruption in the business, I hope it's encouraging for those caught in the storm to see that there's life after your newsroom has no place for you anymore.

I begin with the incredible story of someone I've known and worked with for a long time. ME Sprengelmeyer used to be a stringer for me when I was city editor of The Albuquerque Tribune 20 or so years ago. He went on to become the final Washington correspondent of the Rocky Mountain News. Today he's running his own weekly in New Mexico.

If you'd like to tell your story or know someone else whom I should ask, please let me know.

And, for those students returning the the fall, you can hear Kidder, Doctorow and Dean -?- former presidential candiate Howard Dean-- read from their new works at Harvard Book Store

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