Thursday, January 15, 2009

Evaluate this

I just got my evaluations for my fall BU class, Introduction to Communication Writing. The required class aims to make sure students studying film, journalism, PR and advertising know how to write. Five assignments: a memoir, a news story, a PSA, a movie review and a profile. Twenty students, rough drafts of four of the assignments and three grammar exams. Two 1.5 hour classes a week. I am one of many sections.

Here are some of the less appreciative comments.

She made sure that she explained everything we needed to do, but never expanded on ideas. Her attitude was bitter a bit too much of the time.
Professor Ready knows what she’s talking about, but it felt like she wanted us to always look for the worst in people when doing our profile. That was kind of annoying.

Overall its (sic) boring. I feel like this class should be optional – for students who are undecided. As a journalism student, I found the advertising parts useless.

This course would be better if there was more advertising and public relations and less journalism

My grammar improved a lot, even though it sucked to sit through all of the lessons about it.

Although some of the assignments were more journalism than writing, I think it was important to do them

Ready needs to work on her handwriting. Sometimes its (sic) impossible to read.

I try to find comments like these entertaining, but often, I don't. They seem kind of mean. (Me - bitter? Isn’t journalism a kind of writing?) The its/it's thing drives me nuts. But, I get plenty of good feedback too.

Professor Ready is the best writing teacher I have had at BU.


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