Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trying out my new Flip camera

For some reason it wouldn't load until I pasted an HTML code in, as suggested on the web.

As many of you know, the Flip camera is a tiny, inexpensive ($150-200), video camera some reporters are now using. The software is buggy but I'm working on it. Focus seems to be an issue as well, especially when trying to capture stills.

The Flip shoots in an AVI file format and wants you to edit it with their limited Muvee software. Or you can buy the $80 deluxe Muvee version. Not.

I’ve been using Windows Movie Maker, the software that comes with Windows, to practice editing. But, I haven’t figured out how to edit the Flips on WMM. I think all I need is format converter software, which I'm looking into. I’ll keep you posted and will accept any advice from tech savvy past or future students.

Anyway, the above film is from a few recent Brewster Whitecaps games. (I edited most of the family vacation stuff out but my kid pops up a few times. )

Sporting events are hard to photograph without a telephoto lens. You need to get a player's face and the ball in the photo to shoot the actual play. The fence doesn't help either. (Note the guy telling me to "get the hell" out of his way.) So, I tried to shoot this Cape Cod Baseball League team from the edges.


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