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Storify saves HLM

Tinker Ready in Health Leaders Media

Tinker Ready in Health Leaders Media

Quality of care coverage 2015-2017
  1. March 2015 After years of research, debate, and Food and Drug Administration review, the SEDASYS system is now available.
  2. The device was withdrawn a year later.
  3. After all the others spoke, Orlando Health COO Jamal Hakim, MD, delivered this message:
    "Ours is a story of mission and passion, of preparedness and planning, of success and… a little bit of pride in being able to handle that which is really beyond preparation. Our question for you is: Are you prepared for the worst to show up on your doorstep unannounced?"
  4. The message: Data derived from the non-medical drivers of a patient's health can improve quality of care and enrich the utility of so-called intelligent machines, such as IBM's Watson.
  5. Hospital ranking programs take that data to consumers, who are increasingly shopping around for health services. But when media reports challenge the analysis of the data, the question emerges: Are consumers losing confidence in hospital rankings?

  6. Brian Kelly, the editor and chief content officer at US News, doesn't think so.
  7. Gabow: "You may wonder, after hearing that I spend 40 years at a healthcare institution, why I would pose a question like this: Can American healthcare deliver health? "she said.
    "It is precisely because I spent 40 years at a safety-net institution that took fabulous care of patients. I saw every day that our patient had barriers to well- being and health."
  8. HLM: Why did you decide to write this book?
    Judge Zobel:
    I had seen enough doctors on the stand, not just in malpractice cases, but generally, to know that they could use a little help in being a witness.
  9. Andrew Donnelly, director of pharmacy services at UI, said that by working closely with clinical pharmacists and setting up a team devoted to address the problems, the system has saved $2.5 million.
    "You have to be as smart as you can in terms of using the really expensive medications," he said.
  10. HLM: How did this story come about?
    Concurrent surgery is something that is well known within the hospital community and among surgeons. It’s something that doesn’t come as a great surprise, but many members of the general public had no idea prior to us publishing this story.
  11. Zuckerman; We've had so many wars on cancer and we've had a lot of progress. But if you want to make meaningful progress, you don't [just] throw money at a problem for a year."

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