Sunday, January 23, 2011

From the coffee house to the cabin: Finding the best place to write.

 I worked in a busy, open newsroom for a long time and got used to that. Now I work at home and am hopelessly distracted. If I had a long piece to finish, I  might consider some of the alternate spots in this piece. But, like the writer, I might end up back here in East Cambridge with the dog.

Meredith Goldstein reports in the Globe travel section:

I am finishing my first book.

That is, I am finishing my first book when I am not doing laundry, watching marathons of “House,’’ or reorganizing my closet. Writing at home is difficult — almost impossible for someone as easily distracted as I am — which is why a few months ago, I began looking for a place to retreat, a place without MTV or a toilet that needed scrubbing.

I figured there would be hideaways for writers all over New England. After all, this is where people finish big, important, best-selling novels...

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