Sunday, November 14, 2010

How WBUR's Commonhealth uses NPR's aggregator

I occasionally do a round up of stories on one of my other blogs, Boston Health News. It's a festival of cut and paste. Now, I read how the competition does it. Commonhealth at WBUR is part of the space-age sounding Argo Project , a collection of newish NPR blogs. The Nieman Lab at Harvard reports:

Over at Argo Network, the new blog network at NPR, the leadership team is giving it a shot on the back end. They’ve designed a workflow that makes it easier for their bloggers to cull through links and produce a roundup post. The result: a simpler process for the blogger, and added benefit for the reader. It’s no technological revolution, but an example of the kind of small improvement that can make it easier to share work with the audience.

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