Friday, September 25, 2009

Doctorow in Harvard Square next week

HBS never charges $28 for a reading, but this is E.L.Doctorow, author of Ragtime and many more novels. And you can cash your ticket in for a copy of his new book.

I loved Ragtime, both the rich book and the musical, which is currently being revived on Broadway. Then I happened to pick up The March at the library a few year ago. Like Ragtime, it revolves around characters with overlapping lives, this time along the route of Sherman's March.

I've consumed a large share of Civil War culture for a Yankee. I was mesmerized by Ken Burn's series and I lived in North Carolina for nine years. I also married the great, great grandson of a Confederate soldier who hobbled home from a Union POW camp on one leg. The March stands out among Civil War works as kind of magical and meditative, somewhat like Cold Mountain. The subject of this new Doctorow book doesn't pull me in the same way, but it is getting great reviews.

Harvard Book Store is thrilled to welcome legendary, award-winning American novelist E. L. DOCTOROW to talk about his new book, Homer and Langley, with noted publisher and editor JASON EPSTEIN.

Doctorow once again delves into a true story of Americana to find inspiration for his most recent novel, Homer & Langley. The title characters are the infamous Collyer brothers, whose eccentricities included a shared snobbish nature and an obsession with hoarding and protecting their rapidly deteriorating property. Narrated by Homer, the novel examines the tumultuous history of twentieth-century America from the perspective of a pair of brothers who, while claustrophobically entangled in their surroundings, were also irredeemably alienated from them.

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