Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's still a man's world, sweetheart #journalism #sexism

Lately, my journalism classes have been all female. I didn't even really notice until one of my students said that was a plus for the class.

So, I  tell them at the start: It's still a man's world out there, in and out of the newsroom. This
summer, we had the hideous school-boy banter between Red Sox announcers, teasing one of their producers on air about her new boyfriend.

Today we have a gubernatorial candidate calling a reporter "sweetheart." On camera  Go get him Yvonne! From Abrahman's Globe column: 

 Oh no, Charlie Baker, not again!

Don’t you have enough problems with women voters already? What were you thinking, calling Sharman Sacchetti “sweetheart,” and on camera, no less?

The FOX 25 reporter was asking you a question about your dropping the firm responsible for that ad with your daughter Caroline — the spot meant to make you more appealing to women.

“Last one, sweetheart,” you told Sacchetti, hand on her shoulder.

That giant thwack you hear? That’s the sound of women – and your poor campaign staff – smacking their foreheads.

Could you have been more patronizing?

Listen students: Remember that AP style on females over 18 is "woman." Adopt it.  Embrace it. I know it sounds weird to use it. But if you stop calling yourself girls, its a step toward getting people to stop treating you like girls.

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