Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Transom: DIY, inexpensive Voice-Over Recording at home

From Transom , which offers "tools, advice, and community" to radio producers. 

A common dilemma for independent producers is how to record professional-sounding narration outside of a studio. Building a sound booth means major construction: It’s expensive, takes up space, and can be impractical for renters and those in a small homes. Are there affordable alternatives? Independent producer Yowei Shaw has tried a few options, and she’s found a good solution for recording her voice tracks at home. Jeff Towne 

Portable Vocal “Sound Booth” (i.e., Fabric Cube with 

Acoustic Foam)

I had heard about these small, inexpensive portable vocal recording booths and wanted to try one out, especially since you can make one for about $25 (or you can buy a pre-made version for a lot more). The proponents of the “Porta-Booth” claim that this device can make your recorded voice sound warm and full, and make your microphone sound tight, instead of picking up the ambient sound of the entire space of your room. I followed the exact instructions on Harlan Hogan’s Porta-Booth page, but here are the basic steps: