Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston U students cover the marathon bombing

Scroll down or click through this slides show

All of us are a part of what happened on Monday and its aftermath. You
may have lost a friend. Or, you went to cover a jubilant event and ended up in a bloody
war zone. We are all witnesses.

I think I’ve heard from all of you – a great relief since I had sent you down there. Keep in mind -- you never know when reporting will put you in harm’s way.  
Some of you may be grieving beyond work. If you are functioning, I suggest you get out there and help document this event. Text, photos, video anything --Put it on your blog. Storify your tweets.  It is the biggest story in the world right now and you are in the middle of it.  Be gentle with those who have been traumatized. But realize that people want to know what is going on – show or tell them what you are seeing. had 5 million hits on Monday before it jammed up.
No pressure; not required. But, I will say that it helped meto get on my bike and ride over to BU to help the News Service. And, I will factor anything you get into your grade.

If you can find a marathon theme to your Friday reporting assignment, that would be great. Again, not required. We also need to get our minds off of the horrible images we’re seeing and documenting. So, life-goes-on stories will be great too.
Finally, please let me know if I can be of any help as a professor or as a person. We’ll get through this. 

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