Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tonight! Harvard Book Store short story contest party

From Harvard Book Store

At the start of February, we announced our Short Shorts Writing Contest, asking authors to submit short fiction of 500 words or less. Over the next two weeks, several hundred submissions poured in from nearby (Cambridge! Somerville! Dorchester!), around the country (Michigan! Texas! Oregon!), and around the world (Italy! Australia! England!).


In less than two weeks, a team of Harvard Book Store booksellers read and read and pared down the entries to a stellar 42 stories. We created a cover, formatted the files, and popped them onto Paige, our print-on-demand book machine. The result: a beautiful paperback book that will be formally unveiled tomorrow night  MARCH 3 at our Winedown event, where we will enjoy a few readings and a glass of wine with the writing community. More on the book next week, and I hope you join us tomorrow.

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