Monday, January 18, 2010

Reading about Haiti

The NY Times Week in Review had a page of writings yesterday called: Haiti in Ink and Tears: A Literary Sampler

From the intro:
The energy of souls not lost springs back into the living world, not only through one of the few surviving religions that allow believers to converse face to face with the gods, but also in an extraordinarily rich, fertile and (in spite of everything) optimistic culture. Haiti offers, keeps on offering, a shimmering panorama of visual art and a wealth of seductive and hypnotic music, much of it rooted in the rhythms of ceremonial drumming. For the past 50 years a remarkably vivid and sophisticated Haitian literature has been flowing out of Creole, an ever-evolving language as fecund as the English of Shakespeare’s time. The Haitian world is not all suffering; it is full of treasure. Here are a few of the many voices, native and not, inspired by Haiti. 

For more on Haiti

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, a book about Paul Farmer and Partners in Health.

The Uses of Haiti -- Paul Farmer 

More book on Haiti from Harvard Book Store

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