Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obit: Cambridge Writer Robert Parker

As a child raised on television, I knew about the fictional private eye Spencer before I knew of his creator, Robert Parker. More on the man who wrote books that spawned the '80s-era "Spencer for Hire" television show -- and many more.  Books that is -- 65 according to the Globe. Above links to Bryan Marquard's obit in the Globe,

Harvard Book Store also takes note:

Robert B. Parker, the prolific Cambridge-based mystery writer, died yesterday. While Parker was best known for his hard-boiled crime fiction, Frank Kramer, Harvard Book Store's Owner Emeritus, remembers Parker most for his good humor: "Bob joked that he would charge me for a line in [Parker's 1982 book]Ceremony where Spenser says that he liked eating at the Harvard Book Store CafĂ© as it made him 'feel intellectual.' Bob was a good friend like that--always joking, always prodding." You'll find a variety of appreciations and thoughts on Robert Parker, author of some 70 books, here

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