Saturday, November 21, 2009

The poets of Amherst

I was never much of a school spirit type. I was a plaintiff in a free speech lawsuit against the first college I attended. Then, I tranferred to UMass-Amherst, where I didn't sue anyone, but still, never got out the pom-poms.

But I still get the alum magazine and the fall issue has a nice piece by grad student David Bartone offering a poets tour of Amherst, including but not limited to Frost and Dickinson. The only problem -- only half of it is online.

In searching around, I came across a profile of another UMie grad student journalist turned poet who recently won a NYC poetry contest. The story ran in the Amherst Bulletin, the first newspaper to ever pay me to write something. I think it was a story on the debate over the new dump.

And while I'm in UMass shout out mode -- Happy 35th birthday to the Women's Studies Department, now the Women, Gender and Sexualtiy Department.   I was in the first graduating class.

Can I now say that I majored in sexuality? Better not go there.

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