Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good advice for grads from a great writer

Madeleine Blais is a journalism professor at UMass-Amherst and a very good writer. Here, I learn she has a new memoir “Uphill Walkers."

This was inspired by her attempt to inspire J-school grads. I like it, but , I do think you need to work your way up to sometimes. But, I totally agree with parking your sights where you want them to be. Keep the diamond in your mind, in other words.

Blaise on new grads and the parking rules

The key to finding a parking spot is to drive to exactly where you want to be and only then to start looking for a place to park. Your passengers will probably try to undermine your confidence in this plan by urging you to take the first place you come across - claiming that 'we aren't going to do better than that.' Ignore them. You need to demonstrate to the Parking Gods that you expect to be lucky. In parking, as in life, start by going after exactly what you want. Because you never know."

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