Friday, May 29, 2009

Neiman cancels next year's narrative meeting

I hung out with my newborn baby in the balcony of Morse Auditorium at BU with for the first of these. He’s 11 now. Inspiring and badly named, the Narrative Train meeting drew brilliant and aspiring writers for many years. Then it moved to Harvard, my connection moved on and it got pricey. So, it was mostly off my radar.

I fear it won't return. In the fat days, people like Calvin Trillin would talk and former colleagues from out of town would come in. We would just hang out it the lobby and catch up. Like so much, no mas.

The annual conferences, which were attended by hundreds of journalists and writers, were part of our strategy to establish the Nieman Foundation as a leader in supporting the value of long-form storytelling. Our commitment to narrative will continue through the narrative writing class offered to Nieman Fellows and our online Nieman Narrative Digest.

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