Thursday, March 19, 2009

A deep cut at the N&O

This from the AP. I worked at the N&O for much of the 1990s. I know the names attached to many of those 27 newsroom jobs. The list includes smart journalists who spent large chunks of their careers covering politics, sports and health for the paper. The editor who taught me how to write a good lead by rewriting all of mine. Another who always reminded me to have a life. And, I have only seen part of the list.

Another great paper gutted. For me, this one really hurts.

RALEIGH, N.C. The News & Observer Publishing Co. says it will reduce pay for many employees, require furloughs and eliminate 11 percent of its work force, including 27 newsroom positions at its flagship newspaper in Raleigh.
In a story posted Monday on the Web site of The News & Observer, the company said declining advertising revenue led to the decision, which is in line with those of other McClatchy publications.

The layoffs amount to 78 positions. Remaining employees will have to take a week off without pay.The News & Observer also reported salaries will be cut up to 10 percent. People making less than $25,000 won't see a cut.

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