Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome FB friends

If you came from Facebook, thanks for clicking here. The site meter produces a map with a dot for the location of everyone who looks at my blog. It's very cool. I haven't promoted the blog -- I have mixed feelings about it. So I'm guessing some dots are past students who have moved on.

I did something once that dumped the entire blog on my Facebook page. Then I felt a little overexposed so I undid it.

Anyway, as a loyal reader of the incredible, shrinking Boston Globe, today I suggest you check out this column on people who can never stop editing. Guilty here. Now that I teach grammar, I tend to cringe at errors in song lyrics. (Unless it's a Bruce Springsteen song. My homeboy Bruce can do whatever he wants.)

We've all encountered it, and we've all felt the compulsion to perform it - the quick aside ("Um, don't you mean infer?"), the snarky online comment that ignores the substance of an argument in favor of pointing out a misused "that" or "which." Some people proudly travel the country "correcting" road signs and billboards.

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