Thursday, November 6, 2008

Inching toward multimedia on Election Day

The BU Journalism Department set up a web site for students to post election reports. My audio slide show about students on their way to canvass in NH was kind of thrown together. But, I think it works -- except for bad levels and popping Ps. The audio aired on the Tuesday news show my radio class produces for WTBU. The slide who was put together by another student.

Prof says I could have used more pictures. I agree, but also think the pix themselves are weak. I’ve been shooting photos for years and I think I have a good eye. I just need to learn how to work in different lighting situations. The sun was very bright at 8 a.m.

I do love those quotes. I actually collected them for another story and didn’t use them. So, I put this "Man on the Street" piece together.

Here it is the link doesn’t work. Scroll down. (I've tried to give my page a title and it never works.)

It feels strange to be defined as a BU student again. (I still teach a writing class there.) For more on my history at BU, see this Wiki entry on the b.u. exposure.

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