Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tinc-urr Red-e for WTBU

I’m auditing a radio class this semester as part of my shift to multimedia mode. The class does a live news show every Wednesday on WTBU at 11:30.

I have a lot to learn but I’m slowly starting to get it.

Last week, before we went live, I was one of two hosts. I walked around the classroom saying Mahmoud Ahmadinej over and over. I made a phonetic note. I had it down. But, I blew it on the air. I should have kept the note with me.

I prepared a Q&A for today’s show. It sounded like a record with skips in it. It was awful. I thought I had done cross fades but now I’m not sure. I also did a wrap, which sounded better. Definitely not ready for the real world yet.

I’ve been collecting some tape on student activism and the presidential race and may eventually produce something that contrasts campus politics today to the 1970s when I was a student at BU. I hardly ever do first person, so I’m wary. But, I’m thinking about it.

I do a 2 minute rip-and-read tomorrow at 1.


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