Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dow what?

It’s a great time to be a well-informed business writer.

If the financial pages don’t speak to you, this collection promises to offer some insight in the form of good reading. At Harvard Book Store tonight, Sept. 18.

Harvard Book Store is pleased to welcome Pulitzer Prize-winning author ROBERT COLES and his co-editor ALBERT LaFARGE for a discussion of their new anthology, Minding the Store: Great Literature About Business, a collection of literary selections that explore the ethical quandaries of the workplace.

In a course he taught at Harvard Business School and elsewhere for many years, esteemed psychiatrist Robert Coles asked future money market managers and risk arbitrageurs to pause for a semester and reflect on the ethical dimensions of their chosen profession.

Now, for corporate professionals, armchair entrepreneurs, and other students of commerce, Coles has gathered a generous and stimulating collection of classic literary reflections on the ethical and spiritual predicaments of the business world.

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