Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Papi story

Very sweet little story today in The New York Times on the Red Sox’ David Ortiz doing his rehab stint at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket. Read this tale of a big star in a small park even if you don’t know what a rehab stint is.

The lead really brings us to the ball park. I might have cut the long second sentence a bit. It takes a little bit too long to get to the point. But otherwise, nice detail and sense of place.
Published: July 20, 2008

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — Just before David Ortiz hit his first home run, those with $4
standing-room-only tickets lined the upper concourse of McCoy Stadium’s
grandstand, four deep behind the last row of seats. Or they jammed the
four-level stairway down the left-field line, or crowded the gravel patch along
the right-field fence, or squeezed onto the grassy berm in left field, where
there is no Green Monster but a bed of black-eyed Susans atop an eight-foot

Along with those who stood in the aisles, against the wishes of
the ushers, they chanted: “Pa-pi! Pa-pi!” Camera flashes added a strobe effect
to the moment before the moment.

Just as the sun sank beyond left field,
Ortiz hit a ball that rose to right field, to the north, toward Boston. And the
entire little stadium became standing-room only.

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